About RollerMart

Learn more about RollerMart and meet some of the faces of RollerFit and Roller Promotions. Stacey, Marcelle and Elsa dancing on roller skates at the RollerMart, Sydney.

Newly established in 2024, RollerMart is the ultimate roller skate haven and hire venue in Gadigal Country, Sydney. Nestled in a centrally located creative hub at Suite 7/24-30 Wellington St Waterloo NSW 2017.

RollerMart is home to all things RollerFit and Roller Promotions and a culmination of a long-held dream to have a space that reflects us; something bright, a bit quirky and full of possibilities.

This multifaceted space houses:

  • RollerFit Skate Shop
  • RollerFit and Roller Promotions Pty Ltd business headquarters
  • A large studio space where we can run our roller skating classes and parties and you can host whatever you dream up.

We didn’t make the RollerMart just for us, we’ve tailored the space to be a unique canvas for others to make their mark on. Hire the space as a dance studio, hold an art show, host a promotion, book it for a private party, use it as a film and photography location, or create content here. This is a space ready for creators and creative minds to utilise for whatever vision they want to bring to life.