RollerFit & Roller Dance Classes

Marcelle, Sophie and Izee are roller dance skating on the smooth wooden floors at the RollerMart, Sydney.

Are you a seasoned skater? A total beginner wanting to learn to skate for the first time? Are you looking to reconnect with the roller skating joy of your youth? Do you want to learn how to get those effortless dancing on skates skills?

Then you have come to the right place! RollerFit has been rolling with the Australian roller skating community since 2012.

Over a decade ago RollerFit started as a group of women who wanted to get fit rolling around on basketball courts. Now, due to the appeal of our classes, we have 14 locations across Australia.

Catering for those who want to skate for fitness, recreation and fun, RollerFit is a learn to skate program for anyone who wants to put some wheels on their feet and get rolling.

With the growth of roller skating in Australia, we’ve been able to expand the RollerFit program to include roller dance, rhythm skating and artistic classes.

Our coaches are experts from all kinds of roller skating backgrounds for who the learning never stops. They are ready to share their knowledge and get you achieving whatever roller skate goals you have.